I am a game developer hobbyist with many years of experience behind the hood with a story that I would like to share:


My initial journey started in 2003 when I manage to self-thought and bug fix an issue in an open-source project. Back then I was just a teenager with little to no experience in game development.

Over the years I’ve managed to learn the basics of Unity game engine and OOP in general and I was fascinated by the success of other game development people who reached millions both in revenue and on installs. Around 2015 I’ve seen an ad for Buildbox game engine and that felt like a new start for me until I realize there was no coding part at that time. Although that was a big minus for me since I wanted to code and get more used to coding essence of the engine that did not stop me to learn the basics, move to advance stuff, and even complete multiple templates or game mechanics. I took a break after I’ve seen Buildbox 3 beta version being mostly disappointed with what they delivered. In that gap that was created between the last time, I picked up the BB3 engine and more than 1 year ago since I reenter the Buildbox community I manage to get more information about the process of creating games or the overall creation mindset.

In late 2019 I force myself to jump into the unknown so I’ve subscribed to Buildbox once again. Over the last months I’ve learned and evolved mostly on code basics and now with all this experience gathered over many years of coding due to the lack of tutorials and with the highly annoying tag of #nocode movement I’ve decided to start and contribute to the community and the lives of teenagers in hopes to create better future for anyone and to bring up dreams that one day could become true.

Let’s be honest for a moment, nowadays you will need to know at least the basics of programming for ads integration or to create a simple movement system. That’s why I am here, but I truly think that we should work on this together.

I can talk more about myself or the future plans that I have but for now, I’ll leave this as is and I hope you will join the club and learn something from me and the community.


My Mission

It all begins with a simple idea, we’ve all had our struggles in the past and I know how hard it is to find good content that fits your needs. Maybe you dreamed about some type of game. Maybe you want to turn that dream into a game. Or maybe you want to create a new hobby. Whatever it is, the fear of starting something new always holds you back.


Dream it.

This is the right moment when you got excited and you get motivated to implement the idea itself. You start things and slowly but surely everything works as it was in your dream.


Build it.

You move on and on and new ideas pop up into your head and all of a sudden you do not know how to do that one thing that makes your game feel perfect. Well, this is where I come in and help you with your needs, unfortunately, nothing is for free, and everything that is free took time and effort to build.