This hole project started with a simple DM shared on Buildbox official discord page. A guy nicknamed BOMZOMBI, graphic designer and a hell of a good guy sent me the following message:

Story 1.png

As can be seen, he needed help to achieve the expected design for his dream. I chose to help him and asked a lot of questions in order to understand his vision. At some point, he shared a mockup of his designs and then I got hooked, I started to like what I've seen so I've decided to refactor the template and make something specific to his needs. That's the day when project "Smile" was born, there was one issue... I did not have any mocks or files to work with so I've asked for some models and went to sleep.


Next morning...

Story 1.1.png
Smile UI demo.gif

​I had everything that I needed in order to start the actual work, it was morning and I had to go to work but I remember that during the day I was thinking on ways of how this could be implemented, expanded or created in such way that even a designer with no experience with the buildbox engine could pick this up and create levels with no effort. The night came an after few hours of work I had the following result and I was asking for feedback

It wasn't perfect but I got positive feedback so I kept on moving onwards with gameplay.

Unfortunately, I had to go to sleep but my mind was on this specific project over and over again.

Luckily I woke up early around 3 or 4 am and I kept working on it until I had to go to work. I've shared the result with him and ask if I could share it with the community to get stuff going. He was more than happy to allow me to share this and (in my honest opinion) I thought he was impressed with the result that I managed to deliver.


First technical demo


By the end of that day both of us was happy with the result and we kept up sharing ideas back and forth about next steps in game development.

Unfortunately, the introduction of this story has to end here but there are plenty of features, ideas and implementations that I will share you in upcoming releases.

Please consider sharing and like this post and let me know what do you think about this type if storytelling. I'm looking forward to your feedback. Until next post.... stay safe, have fun, stay awesome and keep your dream going.

Kind Regards,


Smile UI demo.gif


Move node to node.png

Move from point to point

Popcorn Burst.png

Popcorn Burst 2D

Raise Up 3D.png

Raise Up 3D

Dynamic Switch.png

Dynamic Switch

Flip Object.png

Flip Object

Custom Currency.png

Custom Currency



Flash Animation.png

Flash Animation

Delay with Variance.png

Delay with Variance

Global Shadows.png

Global Shadows



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