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Welcome to the hub Game Jam Winner

I am proud to announce the winner of the first game jam... the winner is Somitri GameZ Prototypes.

I asked him to make a quick introduction to himself speciffically for this blog and here is what ha had to say:


My name is Somitri and here is my quick short story about how all of this began:

One day when I was playing “WORD PUZZLE” with my “DAUGHTER” and she told me to create a similar game on mobile, that’s the initial footprint of GAME DeVeLoPmEnT JOURNEY STARTED. The first game is very raw using pure JavaScript, CSS deployed on playstore and until this, I didn’t even have any clue about game development. Only TWO installations that too from my family.

The serious game development started EARLY 2020’s when I found Buildbox game engine and my first impression was game development is easy with Buildbox but the journey is like a roller-coaster ride. However, my first game “SHOOTING EYE” was selected by the publisher for testing and it’s my first success. Later, I released a “Flubber Jumpgameplay prototype preview video which hit 15K views on YOUTUBE. Now, the new game “Barrier Gates” release will be witnessed on 15th JAN, 2021.

Somitri GameZ is all about gaming and journey continues...

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Let's give him a big round of applause and congratulate him on his success.

Do you think you have what's needed to reach the no one spot?..

Kind regards,

Vlad NY

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